How to access an Arduino YUN over the internet using NO-IP

In the past we used this technique to connect and Android app to the arduino Yun over the internet. Our project does this part in a different way yet, but maybe it can be of your interest for other purposes. The Arduino Yun can be accessed without effort when we are on the same network. We only need to know the IP direction of the arduino YUN. But if we are not on the same network, for example, when we are not at home, then we can not connect with our yun.

To provide remote access to our yun, we need the following:

  • The external IP of our home router.
  • configure our router to forward all the requests  made to the external ip, port 80 (htttp) to our arduino, inside our home network.
  • And optionally, if you don’t wan’t to remember your external ip, or if your internet provider changes it to often, we will use the Dynamic DNS service from NO-IP.